Best Hammock Straps

Best Hammock Straps

Best Hammock Straps have totally revolutionized camping and outdoor adventures. Unlike tents that are set up on the ground, hammocks are hung on trees. For stability and comfort, hammocks need to be hung on strong straps. Thick straps allow hammocks to carry heavy loads. Depending on your weight, the choice of a strap is essential.

Even though most hammocks come with their own straps, users have the option of buying straps to suit their needs. Straps come in different lengths and sizes.

Here are some of the best straps on the market.

Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas Strap, Set of 2

The Eagle Nest Outfitters Atlas Strap, Set of 2 comes with double straps that offer a total of 30 sections which can be adjusted for comfort.

The hammock can be wrapped around an object such boulders, a big pole, or a tree. It is light so it doesn’t present problems when transporting. It is highly portable and weighs only 11 oz. Due to its twin strap, it can sustain a combined weight of 400 lbs. as each strap carries 200 lb. in its suspension system. The straps are made of polyester which has the ability to resist stretching making it ideal in terms of support. They offer more hooking points and the straps are relatively longer than any known hammock straps. Being recyclable, the hammock is environmentally friendly.


  • Though designed to work with Eagle Nest Hammocks only, they are compatible with many other hammocks on the market
  • Recyclable, hence environmentally friendly
  • They have more than one place to hook a hammock
  • Easy to set up and use


  • 9 feet of length may not be enough for some

With over 20 adjustment points to attach your hammock, these straps are the best as they allow users to adjust the height level of the hammock without unwinding the strap.

Hang Tight Hammock Tree Straps

The straps are easy to set up and take an average of just a minute to do so. Simple knots are used, therefore maximizing the comfort of the hammock. Its system of suspension is easy to learn and apply. They are fitted with anchor points that are able to comfortably suspend a hammock when the connection points are rare or distantly apart.

They can suspend from trees, racks, huge rocks and posts that are placed far apart or are close to each other. The hang of the hammock can be adjusted with ease due to a chained loop technology.  The strap is made of polyester, hence it does not stretch or hang low when it rains.

The straps measure16 feet long and are  fitted with 16 attachment  loops that make set up quick and easy. . Unlike other straps that are thin and can destroy the back of the tree, this brand is made flat so that it does not harm whichever object it is wrapped around. The manufacturing company values customers and offers the best customer service. In addition, shipping is very fast.


  • Straps are strong and don’t stretch
  • Straps are easily adjustable because they have many attachment loops
  • Quality isn’t affected by rain


  • Straps may be a bit too long for some

The Hang Tight Hammock Tree Strap is both user and environmentally friendly and can withstand the effects of rain. If you are looking to wrap the strap around a large rock or a big tree, then this is the strap for you. Due to its long length, it can be attached to trees that are spaced far apart.

Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas XL

This hammock strap is made of a poly-filament and weighs only 1 lb. The straps are 13.5 feet long and can support the hammock even in extreme conditions. They come in a pair and can support up to 400 lbs. The poly-filament material used to manufacture them is recyclable and is very durable. It also comes with a tidy packing bag that makes it easy to package and carry to the camp site.

Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas XL hammock straps  are very long and come with 40 combined attachment points. They can be wrapped around big tress and rocks and connected to trees that are as far as 15 feet apart. Despite previous complains of the Eagles Nest Outfitters atlas XL being weak compared to its peers, it has an extra quality that others don’t:  if its loop breaks, the carabiner will fall into the next loop. This gives you peace of mind as you relax in your hammock without fear of falling to the ground


  • Clips allows you to raise the level of your hammock
  • Both user and environmentally friendly
  • Durable
  • Carabiner designed to back up to next notch


  • Not as strong compared to other ENO straps

Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas XL straps are long straps and provide a stable hold for your hammock.


There are more than enough reasons to purchase the above products. If you are looking for a recyclable strap with more than one place to hook your hammock, then the ENO Atlas Hanging Strap is what you need.

If the trees you intend to wrap your hammock are far apart or considerably large, then you need a long strap. In this case, the Hang Tight Hammock tree strap is the ideal strap for you.

For a strap that was designed to offer you back up protection from falling to the ground, then the Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas XL Best Hammock Straps should be on the top of your consideration list.

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